Machine of Truth

The Machine of Truth is a Twitter-driven fortune telling device. You could ask it any 'Yes/No' question via Twitter to @MachineofTruth and it would reveal the answers to your darkest thoughts via it's mystical machinations both on screen and via your Twitter mentions. Comprised of 2 sides, each one a specially constructed, hand-built set of 'chain reactions' which were then filmed. One side is made up of car boot sale finds, vintage toys, slinkies, ribbons and random gadgetry whereas the other side is light driven, using LEDs, old cameras, analogue television screens and broken remote controls.

It premiered on Clear Channels's digital screens at le Palais des Festivals as part of the 2012 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France.

Role: Director
Client: Clear Channel
Production Company: Nexus Interactive Arts

London UK / +44 07814 731 399 / / @evanbbb / client